My name is Ricky Garner, and I am on the relentless pursuit to be great. Over the last handful of years as an amateur entrepreneur, I’ve invented and patented the Sleep Handy travel pillow, founded my own lawn care company, and co-own/created a successful digital brand management company with one of my biggest role models, Matthew Folstad.

I’ve made it a point gravitate and extend my professional network towards those that I see share my passion to achieve prosperity. In turn, I’ve opened doors for several connections to take on higher responsibilities and start shaping their own paths to personal achievement. Obstacles are an integral part of life, but they’re not without their silver linings, because triumphs are sweeter when you reflect on the snags that attempted to trip you up. With my hands-on experience in this fast moving, social media-driven world, I know that I have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary that will continue to push my growing number of endeavors in the right direction.

The secrets to success are only ‘secrets’ to those who remain ignorant to the fact that it takes hard work. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes but success only comes to those willing to put the time in to make their impact. It takes a resounding obsession to truly be great, and there is no better time to start establishing your niche than the present!



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